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I don't care how to make them character bound, However what I do want, since I paid a premium to get more Blade & Soul Gold, is to have every one of my character get the special items upon creation. Say I try out a class I don't like and I already used my items, I want to be able to delete that character, and create a new one.

I want my founder pack items on that new character. I don't want to muck around with expensive(early game expensive) mailing fees and restrictions, I don't want to worry about bound weapon skins, I don't want to worry about ANYTHING. I just want the exclusive items I paid for to show up on the new character and get into the game. Many other games have this working without any problems.

So I put my questions on bladeandsoul forum, below are some suggestions:

"I can agree with this.

While its nice the costumes are account bound, so we can mail them between characters, it is slightly inconvenient and would be much nicer if things were available to all our characters with the exception of the consumable perks like bags/potions/whatever."

"That's what these testings are for as well so you can make sure you make the right class at launch its understandable to an extent but they chose said guidelines for a reason just do the testing you have avilable find the right class that suites you"

"I agree with Necuja, take Alpha/Beta time your time to figure out what class you want to main when the game launches. Because I've been playing for a few years: I'm kind of just messing around, enjoying the English-ness, the great ping/connection, and player-watching to figure out what kind of people are around. New people like you need to really get a feel for characters and what not. When I began playing I went through 3 classes before I finally made up my mind on what I wanted to main, it's not always the most easy process."

"I agree, there is no reason why this can't be for each new character. Many other games reward each character. If you pay for it, it should be available to all toons, not just one.
To be honest, I am not satisfied with these suggestions, so can you guys give me more ideas?
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