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So ill Start off by saying that I know for a fact my computer can handle this game just fine, I play max settings on TW and have no issues. So i know its not me.

Now that being said, the lag is literally making this game unplayable for me. It has been this way since i played(if u can call it that) during that 2nd alpha test. I've been trying to play with a KFM, but its impossible because i have 3-4 second delay on skills so i cant combo or counter at all so i just stand there dieing... I tried a summoner too, but my cat just lags out, disappears, and reappears next to me in a flash of light whenever i send her off to attack something, and then the mob targets me instead... Not to mention the rubberbanding that is pretty out of control. Now I REALLY am not fond of making a new character on one of the new servers because i already spent most of my test ncoin during the alpha and i don't wanna lose my cute stuff during the coming betas, i know, vanity, whatever lol... i wanna be cute for the couple months of beta Tongue

I realize this is just alpha and beta tests, and lag, errors, issues are bound to happen. And im fine with all of that, i went in knowing these things, I've been playing mmos longer than i would like to admit Blade & Soul Items. But this is really horrible, i have a master pack and i cant do anything at all in game because of lag, which is unacceptable to be because i partially paid to be able to participate in CBT, and this is hardly participating.. :/ I've tried changing graphic settings, still no change. I tried changing channels, nothing... The new server i tried isn't as bad but its still pretty laggy too. I sincerely hope that the lag doesn't just get worse and worse as the beta weekends roll along with more people joining in as time goes on over the next couple months.
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